Another ncurses window manager

I know others have reviewed it as well, but I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

TMUX provides much of the same functionality as dvtm shown earlier, however, it has a number of features that peaked my interest.

It sports the usual multiple panes, and they are adjustable. However, it allows me to block copy text which dvtm does not allow me (at least on my installation) to do. Below is a useful bar showing the active window.

For me being able to block copy is the most useful difference between the two. If someone knows how to enable that on dvtm please let me know. Other than that both window managers are excellent.

1 thought on “Another ncurses window manager

  1. By default dvtm captures mouse events to provide the actions listed below. Unfortunately this interferes with the standard X copy and paste mechanism. To work around this you need to hold down SHIFT while selecting or pasting text. Alternatively
    you can disable mouse support at compile time, or use Mod-M to toggle mouse support dynamically.

    Or just use tmux I guess :).

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