VoIP cheap and simple, sort of… (update)

Small update to my VoIP setup. I discovered a brilliant initiative by Voxbone. iNum offers an international phone number not linked to any geographic location, in essence, a telephone number that should follow you anywhere in the world. I quote from their web site

iNum is an initiative launched by Voxbone, supplier of local telephone numbers to communications services providers and businesses worldwide. Voxbone is a privately held company with offices in Brussels, Singapore and Los Angeles. The iNum.net website aims to inform about the iNum initiative and its members and will centralize the communication between iNum members.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity and got my free number from one of the participating VoIP providers. In my case its Localphone. They offer the usual cheap local calls to most international destinations, cheap incoming numbers and free iNums. As with some other providers they will assign you a free iNum without a purchase.

So now I have two phone numbers incoming, one from TelfreeSA for local incoming calls from friends and family, iNum for all international calls and one outgoing through Rynga.

I was very surprised, all the VoIP providers I tested are able to call my iNum, not that I tested that many. Predictably, traditional telcos here do not honour the +883 5100 numbers and fail.

So, my numbers +27 87 750 6002 (SA number so don’t call if you don’t have above mentioned or similar cheap international calling plan) and +883 5100 904 4687 iNum.

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