Word processor in console

So far it’s been very easy. One of the big obstacles I have yet to overcome is the word processor. I haven’t even started to look at spreadsheets yet.

There are a number of candidates, most notably wordgrinder.

It doesn’t offer a lot in terms of word processing, but will be able to Italicize and underline your text. Not much more. It does however export to HTML and tex which is awesome. But no, no Microsoft or Openoffice support. Not even rich text formatting.

I looked at antiword and a couple of other programs, but so far, unless you’re willing to spend some time in tex or html you’re outta luck.

The big problem is collaborative work. Unfortunately, unlike my undergrad and postgrad studies, not everyone is willing to study what appears to be a programming language in order to edit documents.

So this is one of the major points where I got stuck with using the console, collaboration with my colleagues and clients. Most only understand MS Word, and fewer know of Openoffice and Libreoffice. Our office runs on Google drive, try explaining that to them…

So if you have any great tips on word processors, please share them, as I’d like to be able to move to the console completely, if only for a couple of days.

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