Nikon F55 addition to my camera collection

This past weekend my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary on the Durban coast. Being very excited about my recent interest in photography my wife decided to support my by acquiring a Nikon F55 35 mm film camera to add to my collection.

Nikon F55 with AF Nikkor 28 - 80 mm 3.3 - 5.6 lens

She purchased it second hand (obviously) and in great nick with the AF Nikkor 28 – 80 mm 3.3 – 5.6 lens. It is the Nikon equivalent of my Minolta lens which is very convenient.

More convenient though is that all my wifes lenses in her arsenal are now at my disposal. She has a number of lenses that will help me further my hobby, such as the 18mm wide angle, fixed focal length, 50 mm I think, lens with f stop of 1.4 I believe and a 300 mm lens. It is going to be a lot of fun. The first roll of film is already full and needs to be developed. I look forward to seeing what this camera can do.

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