Winlink sysop software installation – RMS Trimode and Relay

Next up in my Winlink exploration is to get the sysop software running under linux.

I downloaded the latest and greatest, RMS Trimode Full, unzipped and tried to install with, wine setup.exe. The first thing it tried to do was install .NET 4.0. Rather than let it screw up my carefully installed Wine configuration I opted to use winetricks again.

$ ./winetricks dotnet40

Success! .NET 4.0 installed without issues (excepting the usual warnings about .NET 4.0 not fully working yet – pffft)

RMS Trimode

$ wine RMS\ Link\ Test.exe

So far so good, although, this is what was working in my chooked install previously.

I have no idea what to do with RMS Trimode, however, it installs and runs beautifully.

RMS Relay

$ unzip ../
Archive:  ../
inflating: RMS Relay Setup.msi

$ msiexec -i RMS\ Relay\ Setup.msi

That’s the easy part 🙂

$ wine RMS\ Relay.exe

But alas, I am not a sysop so I cannot go any further. However, this installation seems the most complete, and stable. I suspect if I get my HF station up and running with sysop credentials access it should work without any issues.

3 thoughts on “Winlink sysop software installation – RMS Trimode and Relay

  1. Excellent going Paul !

    You really should show this to the Winlink Development Team.
    Also to Dick, maybe…

  2. OK, I will bite how did you get relay to work? What exactly is installed with your wine? I can’t even get it to install. Tried copying working copy from windows 7 machine as well. Nothing but errors.

  3. Hi Kevin
    That question is answered in my previous post,
    I haven’t had the need to reinstall for some time so I hope that is still valid – it still worked on Ubuntu 14.10 if I recall correctly.
    To summarise, I have to choose winearch 32 bit, as 64 bit would not work at all. 64 bit is the default on any 64 bit machine. Next I needed dotnet 3.5 which was installed with winetricks.
    Hope this helps.

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