Winlink 2000 (WL2K) operation

The way I understand it is that there are a number of CMS, or Common Message Servers. These servers receive and relay mail. All of them are apparently able to relay mail to the respective recipients.

End users are able to connect to RMS gateways that relay messages to CMSs and so link the Winlink network to the internet. Very cool stuff.

Accessing your messages via radio or telnet

In order to access the Winlink network via radio (Winmor or Pactor) or the Internet (Telnet) two excellent programs were made available. RMS Express (now the preferred application) and Paclink. Both have their advantages.

RMS Express has a nice gui allowing the user to enter his, call sign and location amongst the most important, and can spin up a software modem (TNC) for Winmor operation or link up to a packet modem on a COM port.

It looks like your typical friendly mail client and allows easy mail composition and sending and receiving of messages.

Above you can see a message I sent to myself earlier.

Paclink is more of a gateway to the Winlink network. It too accepts the above information but does not have a built in mail client. Rather it opens up POP3 and SMTP ports so the user can link up any mail client such as Outlook express and Thunderbird.

Paclink is very simple to set up. Configure an access password, ports, callsign and grid square and it’s ready to talk to your mail client.

In both cases a Sound card TNC can be started for Winmor operation or the software configured to communicate via your trusty TNC, usually Pactor.

ZS6IO callsign Winmor – It’s actually kind of pretty, the sound.

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