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It turns out Ubuntu does not make it as easy as I expected. I was confronted with this non descriptive error message on the client when I launched and tried to sync.

There wasn’t much more to the error message on the clients. The ubuntu server apache logs sheds some more light on the issue.

[Wed Aug 14 11:58:03 2013] [error] [client w.x.y.z] script ‘/usr/share/owncloud/remote.php’ not found or unable to stat

The remote.php file is actually in another directory, but it still fails even if I link the file. The ownCloud forum has a post that indicates that the ubuntu package is broken and to rather use the downloaded package from their site, so that is what I did…

I followed the instructions on ownCloud doc installation. In summary the following is important.

Make sure all the dependencies are met, apache2, php5 etc. Most of it will likely already be on your system. If you’re not sure, you can take the easy route, apt-get install owncloud, and then remove the package. The dependencies will remain.

# tar -xjf owncloud-x.x.x.tar.bz2

# cp -r owncloud /var/vhosts/

# chown -R www-data:www-data /var/owncloud/ /var/vhosts/owncloud

I decided to host the data and web server in two difference locations in the example above. You can always choose another path or use the defaults.

Also perform the following:

# a2enmod rewrite

# a2enmod headers

You will also need to add a vhost for your site or use the default landing. Make sure AllowOverride is set to All to enable .htaccess.

Thats all there is to it. Point the client to your ownCloud service and voilà. In the background we have my browser opened to my ownCloud server, the local folder with the text file and the open text file.

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