Life without the GUI

Some weeks ago I really wanted to try something new, different. I’ve always been a fan of text consoles, perhaps stemming from my younger days starting out with computers. In a moment of nostalgia most likely I decided to abandon the GUI. More specifically, no X. Just curses, frame buffer, text only even.

Googling for other similar minded individuals I was surprised to find only one other successful. I was very fortunate to come upon one additional individual that managed to attempt this, as it turns out mammoth, feat and failed.

I did manage to go a weekend without X. In many ways it was a huge success. But for day to day tasks at the office it may be a bit of a problem.

First the requirements for a successful transition

  • Chat clients
  • Media
  • Browser
  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • File managers
  • Mail
  • Calendar

In the posts to follow I’ll share my findings.

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