MS Office, without Microsoft

If you see the above and immediately think, Chinese release of MS Word you’d be forgiven for your mistake. It is in fact a Kingsoft product, themed to look like Microsoft office.

I was alerted to its existence in beta state by an article by on OMGubuntu. The debian package can be downloaded fromĀ

I’ve been using the Android version of the Kingsoft office package for quite some time and it just works. It’s not a paid for product, although, on the Kingsoft website the Windows version seems to be paid for.

The application needs to be broken a little bit for the English to appear, otherwise you’re stuck reading everything in Chinese. After installing the application, launching it brings up in Chinese what appears to be a product registration screen. Just enter whatever you feel like entering. To get rid of most of the Chinese text run the following in a terminal (thanks to the efforts of Mohammed Sayanvala).

cd /opt/kingsoft/wps-office/office6/2052
sudo rm qt.qm wps.qm wpp.qm et.qm

That will remove the fonts making it readable to western civilisation. Opening the suite will generate an error which can be hidden indefinitely with a small check box. It is very interesting that it only appears to open MS office documents, Word, Excel and Presentation. No OpenOffice support seems to be present.

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